We're proud to partner with A Better World after school program.

A Better World (ABW), based in West Charlotte, NC, has been providing children in the Ashley Park neighborhood and surrounding communities the tools and resources for success since 2001. Five days a week, ABW provides a structured classroom lesson, spiritual guidance, a hot meal and a safe place for over 60 students to learn and grow after school. The program is free to families with the provision that parents help out around the classrooms once per week.

For the families ABW serves, living in what’s called a “food desert” severely limits options for obtaining fresh, nutritious food. We at Jubilee Farms wanted to help make sure ABW’s kids are getting the veggies they need so we started donating fresh produce every week. We’ve also partnered with ABW on fun cooking and nutrition activities including staff training, classroom visits, and taste testing. And when they encounter a vegetable they’ve never seen before? ABW’s Pastor Ken Gilliard shares what happens in this video: